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A Golden Era for this Tuscan Spring

Jean-Michel Basquiat's life work is unfolding on a screen behind this one & I'm typing this BLOG in an empty(ish) home.  These days the house is rarely without its Chef, but James has travelled early to Brighton to prep for the first event in Sussex.  Absolute freedom to indulge favourite stories about Art are mine for the taking and there are many points of inspiration to reference.  From Botticelli and Basquiat, every hero or artist's journey transcends challenge to purpose a transformation. Finding common ground is really only a matter of desire. Do you want to see, touch, taste, feel?  

I am also talking about March 2024 Tuscan trip, the three men feeding you and the journeys bringing us together.  

Richard is a Breton Baker; baguettes, bread and pastry beyond acclaim.  His reach extends as far as one is willing to learn.  As the chief educator at The Bertinet Kitchen in Bath, his trade is Knowledge  While he makes his way far from Brittany, work is the promise of home truths and food stories always remembered.  Our next Baker does not bring us loaves.  Dhruv speculates in the specialties of time.  His company is a charcuterie brand. Tempus cures righteous cuts of meats transforming them into joints balanced by salt, spice and time.  Dhruv finds us by way of London:Birmingham:Mexico via a childhood wealth of travel.  These are baked and tempered in an oven of media spotlight.  Dear reader, I do hope by now you have some introduction of James Golding.  He bridges their experience and expertise to curate quite a memorable occasion.  

With the authority invested in decades of serving food, I can see this great assemblage for the melting pot that creates the best Gumbo.  Such life experience, humour and practical skill await us on The Dough Boss & Masterchef course/trip.

Botticelli and Basquiat, Old world and New, both knew their worlds to be the very centre of their era's Collective Conscious. Their work commanded our gaze into the media, directly communicated uncomfortable and unpopular truths from marginalised groups of the public and demanded less binary ways of communicating.  Each created a new and powerful standard of beauty born from trauma, poverty and political unrest.  

We are at a wonderful crossroads, within culture, art, and food.  We deserve a more exciting manner in which to break bread and exchange hospitality.  It is time to share our stories and come together. 

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