Sam & Shauna

Hang Fire, Goldfire!, Sure Fire

Seasoned veterans to the road, Sam & Shauna discovered a route to permanent detour in one Epic road trip across the Southern states of America.  An ambition to meet Dolly Parton found these  ladies in the cradle of American BBQ and thus the story of Hang Fire Southern Kitchen began. A life-changing journey has then fuelled an award-winning street food venture, a bricks and mortar restaurant in Barry Island - South Wales, 3 season television series + production company, a book, diaries laden with festivals/demos/masterclassses/events, some stellar collaborations + friendships and yet even more adventure.

Adventure is both the first port of Nomadic Sporadic's manifest and the initial synergy between the Hang Fire ladies & Team Golding.  Chef James Golding (Royal Academy of Culinary Arts, RACA, et al) originally crossed paths with these forces of nature in Montreal, Canada. "La Metropole" or "Festival City" is not only renowned for it's nightlife, culture, hijinks... but also for national treasures: Maple Syrup & the Sugar Shacks. As ambassadors for Maple from Canada the trio soon got stuck into a fast friendship.  When the rest of the Golding Fam got thrown into the mix, this solidified into a hard-crack, creative collaboration.

Together we warmly welcome you to the distillation of this meeting of minds: Goldfire!.  It's an event to unite a little bit of what we share together: the sweet and the heat, the rugged and the smooth, the tranquil horizons and the land of promise.


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