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James. Golding.

Chef James Golding has spent many years working in some of the best known restaurants + hotels across London, the South of England, New York City.  As well as finding himself a fellow of the Royal Academy of Culinary Arts, Chair of the RACA Sustainability Committee and Head of Food Education at Table Talk Foundation, he is turning a heel as a regular on Channel 4's Sunday Brunch.  Consistently in the top 100 podcasts in the UK for the last 3 seasons, James also hosts Always in Season, a podcast brought to you through Maple from Canada Now he has set his wealth of experience to focus on our exciting new venture: Nomadic Sporadic. 

If you’ve had the pleasure to eat James’s food you will have tasted the little twists he brings to his cooking.  This clearly reflects his love for travel, respect of the culture and people he has met along the way, an awareness of his heritage as well as what brings him to this point in his own journey.  Is there a better way to showcase this knowledge than by sharing it as a meal?  Here is where Nomadic Sporadic comes in to shine.

Whether a locally foraged surprise or a time tested classic, James brings modern style into interpreting well kept traditions.  His pickled rock samphire is also a story of an important birthday and a friendship on a Cypriot beach.  Italian classics are familiar memories from times past and future promises.  Nomadic Sporadic is a new way of enjoying eating out.  It's a fantastic opportunity to get to a new location and have a chance to mingle with the chefs & tastemakers joining James through the year.

James may not be guaranteeing you a dance, but he is offering a range of supper clubs from private 1:1's at your home to destination locations the world over.  The world may not be able to fit into your dining room, so at this point you must take yourself to the world!


Special Shout to Stephen Terry - Love a Good Photo Bomb

Ericka. Golding.

"..write the theme tune, sing the theme tune..."  OK, not Dennis Waterman nor Mr. Walliams, but it's as fitting an introduction to the sense of humour I see as required in life.

Within this production of Nomadic Sporadic I wear the hat of "Jack of all Trades and Master of Some." Whether it is optimising SEO, writing and publishing the website, sticking an oar in on Socials, serving on the nights or jumping in to push-on with mise en place, this enterprise is very much a culmination of all the myriad jobs and skills acquired on my road thus far.  Nomadic Sporadic is a definition of where I've been and all my greatest hopes on where we're going together.  It's a chance to meet up either here or there, share a meal + raise a glass and make some memories.  We gather ourselves and then meet again for more fun & food.

I've been brought up in and around cooking, at a professional level, my entire life.  As a young girl, I'd help prepare dishes for print and lent a hand trouble shooting aspects of production.  I was involved in work our family did for Arizona Highways & Prentice Hall's "On Cooking."  This foundation provided by my caring parents, Food Photographer/Food Writer team, would often transcend my best laid plans.  One moment I'd be dancing or playing music, next thing I'd know I'd be living a new food philosophy, practicing raw eating, or working in a bakery.  While dividing my time between The Old Post Bakery and the dancefloor, I met James Golding.  A new onion skin of love & food has brought a totally new Balance in my Dynamic, as inescapable as the biological function to eat. With such a very talented chef in my life, attention must turn to the FOH, the chain of food production and I'm also quite blessed to be able to freelance - working with the amazing media team @Gozney as well as keeping my hand in the game making art & styling events.

There is a saying about how what we resist sometimes persists. "Jack" may be the guy that knows a lot of trades, but the great thing about this character is he also has a Groove. From this Groove, there came the Grooves of all Grooves and very importantly: a House.  I am delighted to Welcome you to our House!  It is a Home we make together through the Pursuit of Hospitality.

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